30 Priceless Birthday Gifts

Random Observation/Comment #489: I know it’s my birthday when I have more posts on my wall in one day than I’ve had the rest of the year.

So you want to wish me a happy birthday because it’s a nice thing to do (and you’re a pretty nice guy/gal) and this is a part of your genuinely productive routine of using Facebook in the morning.

If you were to be so generous to make an extra effort (completely free of buying me gifts), what else could you do to make my day?

  1. Along with “Happy Birthday!!!” or “Birthday!” or sometimes “Clemens!”, you can include a cute picture (of a cat or something)

  2. Attach an inspiring video (something with Sigur Ros music playing in the background)

  3. Attach a funny gif (that maybe shows you doing a slow clap)

  4. Change your profile picture to a photo I’ve taken of you

  5. Recommend a place you’ve visited and think I should go

  6. Include an inside joke we’ve shared

  7. Mention your favorite TED talk

  8. Open my eyes to a new website

  9. Recommend an app for me to download

  10. Recommend a book for me to read

  11. Recommend a song for me to listen to

  12. Recommend a person I should talk to

  13. Recommend a person in history I should read up on

  14. Recommend a vitamin I should eat (gummy vitamins work, right?)

  15. Recommend a productivity tip I should use

  16. Recommend a piece of technology that I would probably love

  17. Recommend a movie I should watch

  18. Recommend a gift I should buy you for doing one of these things

  19. Recommend an exercise I should do

  20. Recommend a stock for me to invest in

  21. Recommend a food I should try

  22. Recommend a restaurant I should eat at

  23. Recommend a whisky I should drink

  24. Recommend a cause I should donate to

  25. Attach your favorite quote

  26. Type a message in a different language

  27. Schedule time to meet up with me – …please?

  28. Give me a high five in real life

  29. Challenge me to a table tennis match

  30. Read one of my blogposts and repost it (if you’re into that sorta thing)

Either way, it’s going to be a great day :). Happy Holidays to you and your family.

~See Lemons Birthday!

Originally published on seelemons.com on Dec 24, 2014