30 Reasons Why I Love Lists of 30

Random Observation/Comment #668: Lists of 30 viewed in Mindmaps might just take off.

Why this List?

If you know me, you know I love writing lists (and specifically lists of 30) on fairly random topics. I’ve written a principles guide on how I write these lists, but never thought about why I love them so much. Why does one love anything? What is love? These lists won’t hurt me. This is so meta.

  1. They’re challenging to write

  2. They make me think divergently and laterally

  3. They spark more questions about different topics

  4. They help me get into deep thought

  5. They make me feel productive

  6. They require creativity

  7. They give me a focus for the day – an underlying theme for which things surround

  8. They usually cover multiple angles and perspectives

  9. They tend to capture my thought process

  10. They tend to cover topics that I’ve been thinking about related to life problems or observations

  11. They are structured enough to let me focus on different topics

  12. They cut out the fluffy language

  13. They tell a story in their own way

  14. They can be treated as discrete contributions that don’t tie to anything

  15. They can be treated as groups of streams of consciousness looking at the positive and negative perspectives

  16. They are fun to write

  17. They are fun to reread

  18. They lead me into a journey of “man, I’m never going to get to 30” into “wow, I need to merge a few to fit in some other ideas”

  19. They embody a journey of personal discovery

  20. The reflection ones make me appreciate things more

  21. They help sort and group thoughts

  22. They always teach me something while I’m writing them

  23. They always lead me to additional learning

  24. They’re not always serious or take themselves seriously

  25. They helped me write a book

  26. They helped me with on-going memoirs and life commentary

  27. They’re a lot easier than writing paragraphs with proper paragraph structure

  28. They’re calming, yet puzzling as a perfect routine task for distressing

  29. They would forgive me for repeating or writing a filler item like this one

  30. They can be beautiful to visualize (yay mindmaps!)

~See Lemons See Lists of 30 Through Rose Tinted Glasses

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