30 Talents I'd Learn if I were stuck in Groundhogs Day

Random Observation/Comment #275: If something’s important to you, then you will make time.

Why This List?

The name of the list really gives it all away. Imagine you were stuck in a loop where each day you woke up repeating the same day and remembering what you did the day before. What would you learn if you were stuck in this endless loop? In the Groundhogs Day movie, Bill Murray learned how to play the piano and make ice sculptures with chain saws. Maybe I’d do something similar.

  1. Play the piano fairly well

  2. Speak all the languages I already know fluently

  3. Use photoshop like I see the pros do on worth1000.com

  4. Draw awesome realistic portraits on napkins

  5. Dance something obscenely complicated

  6. Freestyle rap off the dome

  7. Become an amazing table tennis player

  8. Memorize the order of a randomized deck of cards

  9. Rehearse lines from a Shakespearean play

  10. Solve Sunday crosswords in under 20 minutes

  11. Be able to ‘Sherlock’ someone

  12. Juggle a soccer ball and do really ridiculous tricks in the park

  13. Break dance (although this would be tough if I can’t build up any additional muscle.)

  14. Use an abacus very quickly

  15. Do crazy fast complicated math in my head

  16. Tell funny jokes or really involved stories

  17. Do crazy pen tricks (started learning at Cooper)

  18. Sing a love song perfectly

  19. Become a really good masseuse

  20. Be able to clear a table at pool

  21. Juggle more than 5 items at a time

  22. Hoola hoop for more than 1 minute

  23. Get really good at fencing

  24. Get a consistent 4:1 ratio in Counter Strike (nowadays much harder than what it was)

  25. Give a jaw-dropping and inspiring 10-minute speech

  26. Become an expert in black holes and time travel

  27. Be able to chop/dice as fast as some of the chef pros

  28. Manual focus quickly and accurately (I’m so bad at it…)

  29. Be able to build an unbelievable sand castle or snow man (depending on the season I’m stuck in)

  30. Learn everything about the people I love

~See Lemons Still Exploring

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