30 Things to Be Thankful for in 2020

Random Observation/Comment #685: Silver linings needed.

Why this list?

2020 was a dumpster fire. We’ve all lost so much this year – at the very least, a bit of sanity. In light of Thanksgiving, here’s at least a positive spin on a ridiculously surreal year. Celebrate the little things.

  1. Trump will no longer be President (even though he’s doing his best to mess everything up before he leaves)

  2. We got a chance to evaluate what was important in our lives

  3. Active anti-racism and DEI is now a renewed topic corporations care about

  4. We may have bought ourselves a year in the future from reduced emissions

  5. We read up a lot more about infectious diseases and pandemics than any person should

  6. We have a greater appreciation for science and essential workers

  7. We traveled a lot less

  8. We got better at cooking

  9. Some of us got to renegotiate leases and got better deals on housing

  10. Some of us picked up and moved somewhere new and started a new adventure – Yay, Denver!

  11. We learned how to listen to ourselves

  12. We probably evaluated our budget and cut down on recurring costs – my analysis of recurring bills

  13. On the other hand, we probably bought a lot of stuff from Amazon

  14. We now have an awesome work-from-home setup

  15. We spent a lot less time commuting

  16. Some of us started a lot of unhealthy habits, decided to get healthy for a little while, and then reverted to stasis

  17. We watched everything we wanted to watch on streaming services for a while

  18. We probably took on some new hobbies and interests from youtube algorithms and suggestions from friends

  19. We hopefully have a pair of really comfortable sweatpants and slippers

  20. We’ve hopefully inspired a generation of scientists and change activists

  21. We’ve hopefully taken the opportunity to learn a new skill

  22. We’ve hopefully taken the opportunity to connect with old friends and mend relationships by sending some personal messages

  23. We’ve hopefully finished some projects (and if you didn’t finish one, then you should probably take it off your list anyway)

  24. We’ve gotten some new high scores/reached higher levels on some game

  25. We appreciate hugs a lot more

  26. We’ve definitely upped our home brewing coffee game – get that fresh ground beans and rich pour overs

  27. We’ve hopefully all been able to change and adapt to our new normal

  28. Queens Gambit was a pretty great series on Netflix (non-endorsed)

  29. If we can survive this year, next year just has to be better (until climate change leads to our impending doom)

  30. Number go up

~See Lemons Being Optimistic

Originally posted on seelemons.com