30 Year End Activities

Random Observation/Comment #637: I feel the last two weeks are the most productive of the year. Productive towards enjoying life. There’s so much personal reflection and peace.

Why this List?

I didn’t realize that I have a lot of odd habits when it gets close to the end of the year. Some of these are backwards-looking. Some of these are forwards-looking. Some are just plain neurotic. Happy Holidays, everyone!

  1. Write a blogpost reflecting on the year (2020)– the tradition lives on!

  2. Read through older end of year reviews– a nice pat on the back for keeping up a great tradition

  3. Read through this past year’s seelemons blogposts

  4. Read through my past year of journal drawings

  5. Archive old Keep notes and try to clear them out to start with a clean slate

  6. Delete/Move files from My Downloads folder (this just gets pretty crazy)

  7. Uninstall applications on my laptop and phone that I don’t use anymore

  8. Review the goals and resolutions I set the year before

  9. Tally the amount of time spent watching TV or listening to podcasts – I should write a separate post on this alone

  10. Donate clothes and random things I didn’t wear for a year – I’m not one to be clingy to things

  11. Think of something I’m missing – this could be materialistic or super meta

  12. Go through my web of peeps – these are ~100 people I’d hang out with in my free time and try to send messages to during holidays or big events

  13. Send messages to these contacts and wishing them a happy holidays

  14. Write and mail holiday cards – great practice and tradition

  15. Look at pictures of Evie to see how much hair she’s grown

  16. Browse personal pictures from Jan the year before

  17. Erase my whiteboard (and usually rewrite some big items to tackle in some corner)

  18. Book tickets to shows or concerts for the next year (some of these act as presents) – I really want to do one broadway show, one comedian, one podcast live taping, and one sports game

  19. Look through my books and notice how little I read them anymore

  20. Take a multiple personal body measurements (it’s a thing to do)

  21. Watch the Google Year in Search video

  22. Walk through Central Park – this is usually a personal day drinking hot cocoa and listening to a podcast on a long walk

  23. Take off a work afternoon and walk through MOMA and/or MET

  24. Revisit my core setup with a fresh set of eyes –

  25. Review my productivity metrics – I should change these metrics all together

  26. Reorganize my web bookmarks

  27. Read and clear my saved Pocket articles

  28. Look through my old DSLR photos and Clear my SD cards

  29. Leave old slack channels or just unstar channels

  30. Make a food resolution – Eat more, Eat better, and Eat more better

~See Lemons Greet the New Year

Originally posted on seelemons.com on Dec 27, 2019