Month of April 2021 Newsletter

Podcast Break, Being more Social, Still slightly paranoid

I still publish new material on whenever I find something intriguing to write about. This monthly newsletter is to give a heads up about those articles that might be interesting.

Theme of the Month - Crypto Mania

The three questions that led me to the posts for April were:

  • What’s next with this podcast medium?

  • WTF are NFTs?

  • Where will things be in 12-18 months?

I’ve been diving deeper into the crypto world (even more than I was before). The level of polished code I’ve read is outstanding. Such talents in this world. The blogposts I’ve published this month were:

  • 30 More Lists of 30 - I have no shortage of lists and decided to do a weekly Wednesday publishing of these old lists. Hopefully it doesn’t bother people’s inboxes too much.

  • 30 NFT Patterns and Projects - If you like NFT patterns, here are a lot of them jammed into a dense list. It’s definitely a growing craze.

  • 30 Things I Don’t Care For - I liked this exercise of filtering out things that don’t really interest me

  • 30 Possible Causes for the Next Market Crash - The more depressing, but plausibly accurate depiction of the next crash. Until then, I’ll ride the wave.

  • 30 Icebreaker Questions - As we open up again, maybe it’ll be useful to have these random topics in my back pocket to have interesting casual conversations.

Some ideas for the month of May (I wrote these already, but publish in a slow drip):

  • 30 Company Values

  • 30 Ways to Improve Your Morning

  • 30 Security Setup Tips

  • Mapping the Data I Create

Thank you for reading and I hope everyone stays safe!

Please suggest a list of 30 and I’ll write it! I’ve written over 200 lists of 30 and only publish ones that I think other people would enjoy. It’s my fun brainstorming routine.