Month of Feb 2021 Newsletter

Lessons on Tactically planning for Covid and Trading

I still publish new material on whenever I find something intriguing to write about. This monthly newsletter is to give a heads up about those articles that might be interesting.

Theme of the Month - Fuck Covid & Trading is Gambling

The two questions that led me to the posts for February were:

  • “What happens if you or someone you know gets covid?”

  • “What would people trading in Traditional and DeFi markets want to know?”

It’s been an emotional month with my parents getting covid and thankfully fighting it with an optimistic outlook towards recovery. The markets were also pretty choppy, so I published some superficial pieces about terminology.

  • 30 Wall Street Bets (WSB) Terms - Having been in the community for a few years, I just wanted to share the summary of terms that got lost in the GME shilling. The community has been stained with an awareness of oversight/misinformation, so it’s no longer what it used to be.

  • My Curated Digital Bubble - These are all the things I do on my phone for consuming information in an audio, video, reading, and scrolling manner. I thought it was a good exercise to analyze my habits and how I choose to consume different types of content in different mediums.

  • COVID-19 Tactical Planning - A comprehensive list of things I did while 2,000 miles away from my parents worrying about their health.

  • 30 DeFi Buzzwords - More of a fluff piece summarizing a lot of the different patterns within DeFi I find interesting. There’s a lot of great guides out there now.

  • 30 Technical Trading Terms - I wrote this because more and more people were asking me about trading and how trading YouTube videos were so confusing. Hopefully some of these terms help with not getting lost.

  • 30 Guinea Pig Things I Learned - I love being a #guineadad and learned a lot from the first few weeks of taking care of them.

Some ideas for the month of March (I wrote these already, but publish in a slow drip):

  • 30 Pieces of Advice to Myself for

  • 30 Things I Don’t Care About

  • 30 Ways to Improve your Morning Routine

Specific to the Podcast, I’ll have:

  • 30 Podcasts Lessons Learned

  • 30 Improvements Over 30 Podcasts

  • 30 More Lists of 30

Thank you for reading and I hope everyone stays safe!

Please suggest a list of 30 and I’ll write it! I’ve written over 200 lists of 30 and only publish ones that I think other people would enjoy. It’s my fun brainstorming routine.