Month of May 2021 Newsletter

Parties and Getting to Know the Neighbors

I still publish new material on whenever I find something intriguing to write about. This monthly newsletter is to give a heads up about those articles that might be interesting.

Theme of the Month - Parties

The three questions that led me to the posts for May were:

  • How secure is your digital setup?

  • How can we be better?

  • What data do I create that and what is it worth?

There’s been less writing overall as I start playing table tennis again and working out more regularly for the summer. Feeling pretty good. The blogposts I’ve published this month were:

Some ideas for the month of June (I wrote these already, but publish in a slow drip):

  • 30 Toddler Classes

  • 30 Company Values

  • 30 Project Management Tips

  • 30 Ways to Make Friends

  • 30 Traditions We Want to Form

Thank you for reading and I hope everyone stays safe!

Please suggest a list of 30 and I’ll write it! I’ve written over 200 lists of 30 and only publish ones that I think other people would enjoy. It’s my fun brainstorming routine.