Month of October Newsletter

Further into Networks/Crypto

I still publish new material on whenever I find something intriguing to write about. This monthly newsletter is to give a heads up about those articles that might be interesting.

Theme of the Month - Further into Networks/Crypto

The questions that led me to the posts for October were:

  • What makes me think crypto/blockchain ngmi (not gonna make it)?

  • How do YouTube channels expand their viewership and subscription? How do I apply that to cryptocurrency and networks?

  • How do you create a market for your network, token, or protocol?

Overall loving my new kittens and still an observer and learner of all these new markets.

The blogposts I’ve published this month were:

  • 30 Crypto/Blockchain Criticisms - I’m the first to admit how easy it is to be jaded by being in this space. I’m also super bullish and excited for where this adventure continues.

  • 30 YouTube Optimization Patterns - Know Your Audience. There’s a set of prescriptive set of activities you can do to create the content and engagement you want from your audience.

  • 30 Market Bootstrapping mechanisms - Not all platforms are successful. Very few protocols are successful. Even fewer tokens will survive. The creation of a network of value is a powerful with an ecosystem of bullish users is incredibly rare.

Some ideas for the month of November (I wrote these already, but publish in a slow drip):

  • 30 Company Values

  • 30 Project Management Tips

  • 30 Things to be Grateful for (2021 Edition)

  • Lists of 30 Manifesto

Thank you for reading and I hope everyone stays safe!

Please suggest a list of 30 and I’ll write it! I’ve written over 200 lists of 30 and only publish ones that I think other people would enjoy. It’s my fun brainstorming routine.